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there are a few registry hacks that are published on web sites that suggest turning off file system (NTFS) change updates, as a performance measure. i also think (not sure) the FAT file system doesn't support this change notification system.

quite a few people that share drives between OS's still use FAT file systems.

On 5/01/2012 12:03 AM, David Capello wrote:
2012/1/4 AJ <ajbaxter@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ajbaxter@xxxxxxxxxx>>

    its not as reliably as you think.
    different versions of Windows will update changes at different rates.
    users can change this change rate also.

That's true.

    i build a few things around these APIs, and found them to be

    even trying to document what this function does will be a minefield of
    "if this, then that except when this is that and ..."

Yeah, anyway maybe it will be better than nothing.
I'll try to create an addon as Elias said. Maybe then
someone can add its inotify implementation (and
something else for Mac OS X).

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