Re: [AD] iOS on 5.0 branch

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On 2011-10-28, at 7:03 PM, Peter Wang wrote:
> I've attached two files.
> patch_5.0.5.diff.gz are the changes on top of 5.0 for your (and anyone
> else's) testing.
> from_5.1.txt lists the commits on the 5.1 branch.
> If the line starts with space, I merged it to 5.0.
> If the line starts with 'n' then that change is not applicable
> (at least, as far as I can tell).
> If the line starts with '?' then I'm not sure, or there were non-trivial
> conflicts when I tried merging them.
> Let me know if I missed any changes.

The question marked lines are not really critical I don't think in the case that they can't be applied easily. If they could then I'd say apply them though. Mostly it will free up some memory on iOS. I'll test the patch this weekend.


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