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On Sat, 22 Oct 2011 20:04:23 -0600, Trent Gamblin <trent@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have no problem testing a patch if that's what you want to do. I know nothing about git.

I've attached two files.

patch_5.0.5.diff.gz are the changes on top of 5.0 for your (and anyone
else's) testing.

from_5.1.txt lists the commits on the 5.1 branch.
If the line starts with space, I merged it to 5.0.
If the line starts with 'n' then that change is not applicable
(at least, as far as I can tell).
If the line starts with '?' then I'm not sure, or there were non-trivial
conflicts when I tried merging them.

Let me know if I missed any changes.


Attachment: patch_5.0.5.diff.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

   3986665 Make set_mouse_xy work in fullscreen on Windows
n  16ad0e6 Fixed the video addon pkg-config.
   da05005 Use fullscreen_window instead of fullscreen in ex_vsync.
   5b30d1e Use .../Library/Application Support for ALLEGRO_USER_SETTINGS_PATH and ALLEGRO_USER_DATA_PATH.
   b553ba1 Fix typo.
   98bc245 Fixed several instances of windows being positioned wrong. Regular windows, WGL FULLSCREEN_WINDOW, and ALLEGRO_NOFRAME windows.
n  77ac927 Fixed swapped left/right orientations when setting available orientations under ios.
   852ccb7 Don't re-bind the FBO in al_set_target_bitmap if the new target bitmap shares the parent bitmap with the new target bitmap. Results in 5x speedup of the function in that case, which might help sub-standard drivers
   1e790c5 Removed some outdated and XCode 3 specific things from README.iphone.
   d33c653 Fixed a few typos in display.txt.
   0de3209 docs: Remove reference to front buffer pointers in al_flip_display.
n  5f73293 docs: Linkify some function names.
n  cf35e59 Added a al_change_display_option function. Added docs that say it's undefined except for ALLEGRO_SUPPORTED_ORIENTATIONS (for now)
   298c724 Don't generate pkgconfig files for iOS build
n  fc60307 [docs] Made two event links.
n  931ff0f Fixed initial orientation under ios. Now it should always be the same as the desktop if it is not specified in the Info.plist. This meant disabling the 6-orientation notifications because of an (undocumented) interference with the view controller notifications. On the plus side we can now also use al_get_display_orientation to get the actual user interface orientation (one of 4 possible values) if multiple orientations are supported.
n  a31a876 ex_video: Fix mixed declaration and code.
n  0b2735e docs: Mark video additions as since 5.1.
n  45f2163 video: Get backend compiling with ffmpeg 0.8, with warnings.
n  bde4f41 video: Reassign event types to not collide with native dialogs addon.
n  c3d5528 Added a video player addon (depending on ffmpeg).
n  5d9ea4a docs: Minor fixes for al_draw_tinted_scaled_rotated_bitmap_region.
n  b4ab9c4 Added a unit test for al_draw_tinted_scaled_rotated_bitmap_region.
n  c8b44dc Added al_draw_tinted_scaled_rotated_bitmap_region_function for completeness' sake. (Besides, every library needs a function with more than 10 parameters :))
   37c1d25 Fixed bug #3413021 (pixel formats documentation was outdated).
n  9f32d20 Can't call al_get_touch_input_source if al_install_touch_input failed.
n  98e82e9 Implement al_draw_pieslice for thicknesses > 0. Also fixup some off-by-one errors.
   d01c010 Save new bitmap flags at time of loading font in addition to bitmap format and use them when creating pages.
   a667f67 Very thin arcs/pieslices were not drawn due to an overzealous check
   5d0e560 docs: Restore Texinfo references after the LaTeX references change.
   7f77611 docs: Generate multiple copies of a man page for all the API entries that it documents.
   6c7aa95 docs: Use ### API: header syntax for individual event types so they can be referenced.
   b0862c6 docs: Change how the man page writer decides where a page stops.
   0cf5a3a docs: Fix LaTeX references to work with newer Pandoc (probably 1.7+).
n  29ce9d6 docs: Mark some 5.1 API additions as such.
n  8594e3a Some small skater demo improvements: - Pause the game while it is inactive. - Support background mode on iOS. - Fix input for different orientations under iOS.
n  5d78f53 - Under ios, made initial landscape orientation work with ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW. - Updated ex_draw_bitmap to correctly use the new ALLEGRO_EVENT_HALT_DRAWING event. - Fixed the bogus OpenGL log messages about creating a texture for the framebuffer.
n  bf0879d Document some undocumented events.
n  c323e9b Commit missing file from last commit
n  7252acd Add two new display events (only implemented on iOS right now. ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_HALT_DRAWING tells the app to stop all drawing and ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_RESUME_DRAWING tells it it can start drawing again. SWITCH_OUT/IN on iOS were redefined from "going into/out of background" to "going active/inactive". Added the function al_acknowledge_drawing_halt to replace iOS specific al_iphone_program_has_halted (added display vtable entry to support this function). In the future the new events could be used when iconifying apps on PC.
   91cd809 Listen for applicationDidBecomeActive and applicationWillResignActive instead of applicationWillEnterForeground and applicationDidEnterBackground on iOS. This makes all of the common situations where you want to pause your game work, such as the lock button.
n  e9ee505 Clean up previous patch slightly
n  c9b610f Make sure to copy ALLEGRO_SUPPORTED_ORIENTATIONS setting into iPhone display so auto rotation works
   a5cbf79 documentation formatting
n  6b94f64 - Fixed inveted logic in check for supported orientations.
n  50bd651 - Made ex_draw_bitmap support all 4 orientations and auto-rotate/resize to them.
n  7ec23f9 - Added a ViewController to the ios port, which means the application gets automatic orientation support. - Added a new display option ALLEGRO_SUPPORTED_ORIENTATIONS to specify the supported orientations (default is just portrait as before). - Made the ios display send resize events and respond to acknowledge_resize when the display gets resized.
n  27ede71 Made the Skater demo work on ios.
   cb9f3a4 Made ex_ttf work on iphone (simply use ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW when compiling for iphone - probably all/most examples should do that).
   c0a893e Fixed iphone joystick events (it assumed a call to al_get_joystick but that's not required when using events).
   02daf24 Fixed a race condition in al_init_joystick.
   6cf07b1 Missed [pool drain] on some returns
   c96bd28 Fix a memory leak in get_standard_path on iOS
   e38f2c3 - Implemented the native dialogs addon for ios (only show_message).
   b3c16e0 - Implemented the ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW flag for ios. - Remove target property on each single ios target, it doesn't make much sense, we have to wait until cmake supports setting this for the project. - Some log message formatting and code cleanup.
   1e3b70b Made the curl example compile again (something with the file interface changed?). Thanks to demonicmaniac3 for reporting.
?  5dc6f7c - Fixed 2 small memory leaks in the ios port. - Removed the global autorelease pool in the ios port which hid those memory leaks previously.
   4845597 Fix SDK setting for ios.
   9f24e6c - Fixed a memory leak in the OSX image loader. - Removed some global pools we never drain - those serve no purpose except hiding leaks (more and more objects get added to the pool and are never freed (before program exit). Instead, memory must be released when not used any longer so the garbage collecttor will collect them.)
   fbe6ec1 Work around this cmake bug:
   e1e2837 Add debug info in png error callback
   e891ba7 ttf: Use current bitmap format for ttf cache bitmaps. Use calloc instead of malloc+memset. Print out freetype error code if FT_Open_Face fails.
   731bf2a Add some extra logging to PNG loader
?  952e125 Don't use bitmap->memory on iOS
?  eaf4517 Missing ;
?  6b6cede Add some extra logging in iphone code. Clean up some formatting.
   d38c34a docs: Use relative paths in the make_protos command to avoid exceeding the Windows command line length limit, depending on where the Allegro directory is placed.
   a65999a x11: Zero out fake refresh rate information from the nvidia proprietary driver if we detect that happening.
   6d68fb3 docs: Mention that ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_MODE refresh rate may be zero.
n  8548c37 tests: Add tests for ALLEGRO_KEEP_INDEX flag.
n  beeefd5 image: Honour ALLEGRO_KEEP_INDEX in libpng loader.
n  22bd0e2 Separate bitmap loader flags from bitmap flags.
   812d680 Fixed problem on OS X where having two identical gamepads attached would cause joystick initialization to hang (Thanks to Todd Cope for pointing it out.)
   c824c1e Fixed a warning.

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