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On 2010-07-05, Milan Mimica <milan.mimica@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Peter Wang wrote:
> > I think we can do better with the display flags/options stuff,
> > as has been raised before.
> > 
> > Display flags could be integrated into the more general display options
> > framework.  The options API is a bit harder to work with, though,
> > so maybe we have to do something about that.
> > 
> Options contained in display options are mostly values related to OpenGL context 
> creation. Sets of values supported by the OpenGL context can be queried, scored 
> (in respect to DONTCARE, REQUIRE, SUGGEST flags and a hardcoded "weight" of each 
> option) and finally chosen and set. In most cases you don't need to set any 
> because the default values would just fit.

So roughly speaking, display _flags_ (plus miscellaneous non-boolean
things) deal with stuff "outside" the window (window management stuff),
whereas display _options_ deal with the window contents (rendering

I could live with that.


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