Re: [AD] fix for using transformations without a display and make blending mode a per-display state

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Elias Pschernig wrote:

The draw_parallelogram function actually in principle supports transformations, since it just needs the 3 corners of the parallelogram, which can be obtained by transforming the bitmap rectangle corners in a function immediately before it. This is in fact, as far as I remember, what happens for rotated/scaled bitmaps. See rotate.c for that code.

Hm, I see. So as long as our transformations are strictly 3x3 matrices
only it should work.

Yeah, I don't really see a big problem with that. Allegro 5, and the core especially, really seems to ignore the 3rd dimension, so it would be fine for it to not support 4x4 matrices. In fact, the primitives addon does not support 4x4 matrices either right now (I of course only mean the memory routines, the hardware accelerated routines obviously support them); it is just a matter of implementing the right steppers though, not something that arises from design issues.


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