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Ok, done. We'll see if the commit list accepts my email.
You can also find the last reports at, including links to the relevant logs.

I can see how MSVC or OS X builders would be useful, but it would require some work to port my scripts. Still, the current set up tests 3 different builds of allegro (Normal, Debug and Static) and I can add more configurations easily. Just having many configurations tested automatically saves work, even if it is only on Linux.

The builder is a custom script designed for a work project, there I use it for many other things like unit tests, automatically generating online documentation and recording benchmarks over time. The source is at and if anybody is interested.


Peter Wang wrote:
On 2009-05-07, Martijn van Iersel <amarillion@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all

I've set up a continuous build script for allegro 4.4 and allegro 4.9.
It monitors the subversion repository, checks out any new revisions as
soon as they arrive, tries to build it (on a linux box) and reports any

I could configure it to send out email to the developers or the commit
mailinglist whenever there is a failure. Would there be any interest in
such a service?

Sure.  More useful (for me) is if someone could set up an MSVC or OS X
build.  But it can't hurt to have more testing :)  I think you can send
mail to the commits list.


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