Re: [AD] AL_ prefix clashes with OpenAL

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Thomas Fjellstrom wrote:
AGL was brought up at the last irc meeting, it was glossed over as being easily confused with "AllegroGL".

But isn't AllegroGL about to seize existing as a separate project? It will be part of a potential 4.4 release and completely merged in for 5.x, which will introduce the new, prefixed API, right? Users of 5.x aren't likely to know or care about the old AllegroGL library, are they?

Elias Pschernig wrote:
And all_ ALL_ were dismissed as being a word on its own. Also both had
not much liking as they had 3 instead of 2 letters.

I don't like all_ for the same reason, but what's wrong with three letter names in general? Less typing is good but three letters is hardly excessive.

maybe, whatever we choose, we
should add a link to the logs of that IRC discussion as proof it wasn't
decided upon lightly

I'd read them. :)

Daniel Schlyder

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