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One point we are currently discussing in the meeting is the clash of the
AL_ prefix for Allegro 5 with OpenAL. See for example here (a header
from openal):

The prefix for functions, al_, is not used by OpenAL, so no problem with
that - but there's a high probability a type name or constant name will
clash with one used by A5 (and they might add further stuff, not caring
about us).

So, our options are:

* keep AL_ and al_ and try to not clash somehow (we *do* want OpenAL to
be used together with Allegro, most likely it even will be one of our
sound backends)

* keep al_, but use A_ ALG_ ALX_(Allegro eXtended) A5_ ALLEGRO_ or
something instead of AL_

* replace both al_ and AL_ to something like above

One idea also was to change the name of Allegro itself to e.g.
AllegroPro, then use ap_ and AP_ prefixes.

We couldn't really decide this, so asking here instead. (Myself, I'm
leaning to a5_ and A5_ currently.)

Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx>

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