Re: [AD] set_volume patch for demo game

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On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 11:44 +1000, Peter Wang wrote:
> On 2007-07-07, Matthew Leverton <meffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >  At some point, a set_volume(-1, 90) was added to the demo's in game
> >  music. It makes the music impossible to hear at normal system volume,
> >  at least on Windows. Attached is a patch to just remove those calls.
> Committed.  It appears to have been introduced when Elias split demo.c
> into multiple files, but it's not described in the log.

Yeah, Matthew already found out in #allegro - I don't remember the
reason, but likely the music was too loud for me while testing the split
version, and so I tried to make it more quiet during the game.

Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx>

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