Re: [AD] AL_ prefix clashes with OpenAL

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On 7/7/07, Jon Rafkind <workmin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I doubt it would matter for most users. The assembly doesn't look very
different from the two cases anyway:
That test case isn't valid, because that function wasn't from an
external library bound at runtime. What you could check is the
difference between calling blit and calling a BITMAP's vtable's blit.

On 7/7/07, Chris Robinson <chris.kcat@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
How much of a difference in speed would it make? I'd almost wager that the
system does something similar with imported dll functions anyway, since it
doesn't know the functions' memory locations at link time (it would need to
use some place-holder variable that can be changed when the lib is loaded).
Right, and it would have to do two. The first to get the address of
the stub function and calling it which gets the address of the actual
function and calls it.

Ryan Patterson <mailto:cgamesplay@xxxxxxxxxx>

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