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Peter Wang wrote:
I'm planning to pack up 4.2.1 on the weekend.  If there is anything I
should know please post a response here.


I just checked the current version of file.c at and notice that the patch I posted on 19-09-2006 (see ) was not applied (the patch was against the RC of 4.2.1 that was released late-august). From examining the code, one of the two issues my patch fixed was fixed by someone else, but line 1965 needs to be changed from
         } while ( (size > new_size) && (new_size > 0) );
         } while ( (size < new_size) && (new_size > 0) );

Currently, file.c is identical in both the 4.2 and 4.3 branches, so the same change needs to be made to both branches.

Also, I notice that the patches I submitted on 25-01-2006 ( ) for color.c and graphics.c were not included in either 4.2 or 4.3. Was it decided not to include them, or has someone just forgotten to apply them?

Evert Glebbeek wrote:
I think the last RC was pretty much stable

*cough* file.c *cough*

Although if my suggestion is applied, then I think everything to do with file.c would have been sorted out.


PS. in thanks._tx in both the 4.2 and 4.3 branches, could you please change the bit before the at-sign in my e-mail address to ae-a-alleg2 (that is, just add a 2 to the end of the username)?

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