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On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 12:52 +1100, Peter Wang wrote:
> On 2006-11-24, Peter Wang <tjaden@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> > I tried compiling Allegro 4.2 SVN on Solaris, and there were a bunch of
> > problems with the mprotect() stuff.  It seems the proper way to get the
> > memory page size is using sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE) instead of the PAGE_SIZE
> > macro (even on Linux).  A quick patch follows (it's got some minor fixes to 
> > _unix_get_executable_name() intermingled in it).
> > Note I didn't actually test that the compiled programs work on Solaris,
> > as I did it remotely.
> Forgot to attach :-P  I've committed it.

Nice, this fixed it on the compile farm also:

Heh, and on the openbsd box they have a funny gcc which warns about the
use of some libc functions. (netbsd results didn't change, SF has a
broken pthreads installation there)

Elias Pschernig

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