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On 2006-11-24, Peter Hull <peterhull90@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There are 2 diffs I have related to OS X.
> 1. Allow the framework to be installed without installing all the
> standalone headers to /usr/local/include
> Sort-of alluded to in Thomas's post
> ... though I
> don't understand why he's objecting to /usr in general, OS X is really
> BSD after all.
> File: osx-framework-install.patch

Looks okay, committing it.  Don't know what it all means though.

> 2. Fix an error if you make uninstall and never installed the Apple
> help bundle in the first place (make fails when trying to delete a
> non-existent directory)
> File: osx-uninstall-docs.patch

The '-' characters in front of the "rm ..." commands should have been
enough, I thought.  And I don't understand why the "test -d
$(HELPBUNDLE)" part is necessary, since you are calling rm with -f.
But I've committed it.


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