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>> Well, during development, you will always be in debug mode, and
>> compile in release mode for the release, right?
>> Few allegro programmers know that Allegro has a debugging mode (novices
>> doesn't know it). Fewer knows how to use debugging mode, and even fewer
>It's impossible to know this.  If anyone doesn't know how to use debug
>mode, or a debugger, they should learn.
>I don't like Allegro's implementation of ASSERT.  In DOS (and in
>fullscreen modes generally) we needed to cleanly shut down the program
>when an assertion was triggered, but an assert() from assert.h gives
>more information than ASSERT() and is better with a debugger.

Wouldn't it be fairly easy to add an #ifdef before the definition of allegros ASSERT so that we can take advantage of systems that provide a more advanced version of ASSERT ?  I use DJGPP and MINGW and I don't have MSVC so I'm not sure what the benefits would be. But then again I rarely use ASSERT in my own software (probably should) so I wouldn't have much use for it either way.

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