Re: [AD] Fw: Acquire/Release speed issue

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On January 11, 2004 05:42 am, Eric Botcazou wrote:
> > Its not really silly. IIRC, the reason for that was DOS. a new video
> > memory bitmap always allocated from the screen. And it could well be that
> > way with the linux vga, svga and similar drivers... Now, the X and
> > Windows drivers arn't like this, because they have very different
> > semantics... the "Screen" is really just a handle to some form of
> > drawable surface that may or may not actually being shown, or other
> > things...
> I think it is justified when you can allocate a video bitmap larger than
> the screen: in this case, it makes sense to include the screen in the
> bitmap. But this is not possible under Windows and other platforms that
> expose paged-like VRAM.
> So we could standardize on the following behaviour:
> - the first call to create_video_bitmap() with dimensions larger or equal
> to those of the screen, if successful, returns a bitmap including the
> screen. - in every other case, the bitmap is allocated from off-screen

That just seems odd. KISS. Make a video bitmap, start it from 0,0 no matter 
the size. Make your 1st and 2nd pages then any other little things you want. 
seems clearer to me that way.


Thomas Fjellstrom

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