[AD] Dat: relative pathnames

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I know the latest grabber can handle relative path names, but the dat tool doesnt seem to like this due to the new usage of canonicalize_filename. I added 2 lines of code to make it use relative filenames when using the -k switch. I think -k should be interpreted as keep everything original: filename and dataobjectname. Sorry for not using diff, but here is what i added:

at line 410 in dat.c:
if (!opt_keepnames) {
	strupr( name );
	for ( c = 0; name[c]; c++ )
		if ( name[c] == '.' )
			name[c] = '_';
} else {				// added
	strcpy( fname, name );	// added
}				// added

If the -k switch is not proper for this, then please tell me a proper letter and I will make the appropriate changes.

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