Re: [AD] keyboard recalcitrant under X

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Elias Pschernig wrote:
> > So, unless I'm missing something, if we create an
> > _xwin_keysym_to_scancode[] table for every keyboard layout, and use the
> > one that correspond to the keyboard language selected in allegro.cfg, it
> > might be possible to get much better mappings, and maybe even get
> > completely rid of the xkeymap utility!
> But when I think about it, chances are the AZERTY mapping you created in
> xkeyconf also works for other users with AZERTY keyboards. 

I've been wondering about that. I can't believe noone else complained before. 
But if it worked, it would be really nice :)

> Even if it
> doesn't always work, it would be better than now. And if 1 or 2 keys are
> wrong, xkeymap still could be used additionally by someone who knows
> about it (e.g. there are several possible german keyboard layouts in X,
> only differing in what certain keys like the right Alt or the one with ^
> and ° on it do, so just knowing it's the de.cfg layout in Allegro won't
> help, because in X they still differ even though it is the same physical
> keyboard).

I hadn't though about it that way, but this would be simpler. Basically, we 
could just add the output of xkeymap to the corresponding 
allegro/resource/keyboard/*.cfg, and have the keyboard routines read it from 
here instead of allegro.cfg. This would only require minor changes to the 

Julien Cugnière

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