RE: [AD] A handful of bugfixes from Annie

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Title: RE: [AD] A handful of bugfixes from Annie

> > And (unrelated to Valgrind) there's an incorrect assert in
> scene3d.c (see
> > scene3d.diff)
> Why? And why didn't you remove it too in the function just above?

She was trying exscn3d and got caught by this, but she doesn't use
the 3D code, so asked me, and I told her it's valid to call 3D
routines without a texture (eg, when drawing only vertex colors
Gouraud polys), so the assert looks dodgy to me, so she removed it.
Any other asserts didn't trigger, so we didn't see them, thus did
not remove them.
I guess this only shows when you compile with --enable-dbgprog,
which hardly anyone uses, I guess.

Vincent Penquerc'h

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