Re: [AD] A handful of bugfixes from Annie

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> After several problems of unhandled opcodes, I re-compiled Allegro with:
> --enable-opts=none --disable-asm --disable-mmx --disable-sse.

--disable-asm must imply the latter two options. Otherwise it's a bug.

> . GET_PATTERN_PIXEL (src/c/cdefs*.h) doesn't wrap the x coordinate (see
> cdefs.diff)

Right, a bug.

> . A fencepost error in strip (src/unix/umodules.c) (see umodules.diff)

A corner case, but...

> . In al_linux_set_async_mode (src/linux/lasyncio.c), sigaction parameter
> is not initialized.  I think it's because the parameter should (and isn't)
> declared static in the function, but I'm not sure (see lasyncio.diff)

Oh! yes, obviously a 'static' was missing.

> . set_gfx_mode (src/graphics.c) calls set_palette before
> clear_bitmap(screen), and XWindow set_palette updates the screen, which
> means that garbage is blitted on the screen at the very beginning. I've
> swapped the calls to set_palette and clear_bitmap (see graphics.diff)


> And (unrelated to Valgrind) there's an incorrect assert in scene3d.c (see
> scene3d.diff)

Why? And why didn't you remove it too in the function just above?

First 4 patches applied to trunk and branch. Thanks for these corrections!

Eric Botcazou

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