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1. modify wmouse.c and recompile

int mouse_set_cursor(void)
   if (((mouse_dinput_device) && (_mouse_on)) || (!wnd_windowed))
      SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW)); // was SetCursor(NULL);
      SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW));
   return TRUE;

2. or try to SetCursor in your own code. I am not sure, but DirectX driver may reset mouse cursor now and then.

I tried to add HW cursor support to Winallegro, but I didn't find a way to set multicolor mouse pointer.

BTW. The current Allegro mouse driver doesn't work propeply in a windowed mode. I attached a GDI mouse driver which works in every video mode and the mouse cursor movement is smoother.

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Subject: [AD] Win9x Mouse issues involving AllegroGL

> This is something I've been curious about ever since I started using
> AllegroGL. This only If I try to use the Allegro mouse drivers, the
> mouse pointer vanishes when placed over the window/vanishes entirely in
> full screen mode. So, to use the Allegro mouse stuff, I have to either
> draw my own mouse pointer, or create my own WindowProc to handle the
> default Windows mouse messages.
> Now, it would be nice to have that built into AllegroGL to avoid
> confusion for people in the future. Could anyone tell me how the mouse
> driver is set up, and why this sort of thing would happen? I would
> guess it's because Allegro is trying to draw straight onto the window,
> but since it is set up as an OpenGL context, it is not allowing direct
> screen access. Any ideas?
> BTW, in case it's relevant, the GFX_GDI driver is used as a base for
> setting up the window in the first place.
> Thanks in advance!
> John Harger
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