[AD] Win9x Mouse issues involving AllegroGL

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This is something I've been curious about ever since I started using
AllegroGL. This only If I try to use the Allegro mouse drivers, the
mouse pointer vanishes when placed over the window/vanishes entirely in
full screen mode. So, to use the Allegro mouse stuff, I have to either
draw my own mouse pointer, or create my own WindowProc to handle the
default Windows mouse messages.

Now, it would be nice to have that built into AllegroGL to avoid
confusion for people in the future. Could anyone tell me how the mouse
driver is set up, and why this sort of thing would happen? I would
guess it's because Allegro is trying to draw straight onto the window,
but since it is set up as an OpenGL context, it is not allowing direct
screen access. Any ideas?

BTW, in case it's relevant, the GFX_GDI driver is used as a base for
setting up the window in the first place.

Thanks in advance!

John Harger
Actually found in a fortune cookie:
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