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At 03:32 PM 4/3/00 +1000, you wrote:
> to another maintainer for commiting.  That's really equivalent
> to them using the current system though, downloading the latest
> WIP and working from that.  That would still be possible, of
> course -- if we start using CVS, I think we should take care not
> to alienate any developers because of that!

Yes, there still needs to be regular "official" releases.  Most
people won't upgrade until some kind of announcement is made,

Yes I agree, especially with there being several different means of having a shared library. Having the latest version of Allegro is good if you don't plan on distributing yet, or you are statically linking with allegro. Otherwise you are getting rid of the one big reason why having a shared library is good, no unneccesary duplication of library code (between multiple programs).

especially if you need to download extra software just to do it
(Windows users probably don't have CVS installed).

Other than that minor "glitch" using CVS wouldn't hurt at all. Anyone know of free windows CVS software????


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