Re: [AD] ESD-autodetection fixed!?

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Eduard Bloch <edi@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> some changes concerning autodetection of esound daemon.


> Problem: Autodetection was disabled in alunix.h
> Solution: Enable it.

Hehe. I think it's only a good thing to fix this problem now that you've
also fixed the second problem :-)

> Problem2: Autodetection caused a freeze, probable reason: esdlib spawns
> esd [1] while we are making a test connection or a short time after it,
> while other drivers are probed.
> Solution: forbid esdlib to spawn esd, setting ESD_NO_SPAWN environment in
> uesd.c.

Great stuff.

Shawn Hargreaves - shawn@xxxxxxxxxx -
"A binary is barely software: it's more like hardware on a floppy disk."

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