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Christian Schler <cschueler@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I have added an OR drawing mode because I needed one.

Can't you do this using the translucent drawing mode with a custom color 
mapping table? I think you might be surprised as to how efficient that 
can be...

> I was really surprised that there is none in the Allegro lib.

It's a pretty obscure thing to want: so far, you are the first person who 
even mentioned this!

> It is not completely implemented yet, currently only hline8 in i386.s 
> can do it, where I made a copy of the XOR-loop and changed it to do OR.

I think it's a bad idea to add new drawing modes unless they are complete 
(all functions, all color depths). With this one I'm not sure whether the 
usefulness outweighs the amount of new code it would require...

Shawn Hargreaves - shawn@xxxxxxxxxx -
"A binary is barely software: it's more like hardware on a floppy disk."

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