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On Wed, May 01, 2024 at 10:04:22AM +0000, Henning Svane wrote:
> Sorry I was not clear in my question.
> My first question was more to what extend do offset say anything about the precision or how to understand it?

Small offsets indicate stable clock and NTP measurements, which are
impacted by network delays, timestamping, etc. But it doesn't say
anything about accuracy. You could have a clock stable to microseconds
but off by tens of milliseconds due to asymmetric routing.

> I tried to run ntpdata and that made even more confused as the Ref time (UTC) for tracking and ntpdata even that they have been executed with a second between says 20 minutes. And the time for ntpdata is the correct one. Why do tracking think that the time is 20 minutes behind?

ntpdata shows data from the last response, even if it wasn't used to
update the local reference, which is what tracking shows.

> It now says:
> From tracking>> Update interval : 7113.7 seconds
> From ntpdata>> NTP tests       : 111 111 1101

The test C didn't pass, so it didn't update the local reference.

Miroslav Lichvar

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