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On Tue, Apr 25, 2023 at 12:30:24PM -0400, Brian Cook wrote:
> Thank you for the response..
> Same process running since the Sunday reboot..
> Provider is Verizon FiOS..
> tracking says every 65 seconds or so it is looking to update..

The update interval from the tracking report is the interval between
last two updates of the clock. "Ref time" says the last update was 2
days ago and it switched to the local reference (7F7F0101), so it's
not working.

To me it looks like a networking issue. It's odd that it works on
start but consistently fails later (when polling interval gets over 64

Some things to try:
- add "maxpoll 6" to the server lines in the config
- add "acquisitionport 123" to the config
- run "mtr -u -P 123 -B 35 -s 76" and see if there is a
  hop where the packet loss jumps

> (running a tcpdump to see what gets seen dst port 323)
> tcpdump -nn -vv -i enp1s0f0.173 dst port 323

NTP uses port 123. Also, you want to see both requests and responses,
so something like this should work better:

tcpdump -nn -i enp1s0f0.173 'port 123 and (host or host'

Miroslav Lichvar

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