Re: [chrony-users] asymmetric phy delay?

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On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 02:09:29PM +0100, Nuno Gonçalves wrote:
> Thanks for the great support Miroslav.
> I had no idea about xleave mode. I confirm it changes the behaviour to
> what I expected.

You are not the first person asking, so maybe I should add it to FAQ.

> Wouldn't it be possible to provide a fixed bias/calibration to be
> always added to the server timestamp to calibrate a known device when
> hw timestamps are unavailable?

Server doesn't know (in the current code) which interface will be
sending the response, so that would be difficult to do. On a client
side, there is the offset option, which can be used to compensate for
any asymmetry between the server and client clock (server
timestamping, switches/routers, network routing, client timestamping,
PCIe bus).

Miroslav Lichvar

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