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I have a problem with monitoring chronyd. I use »chronyc sources« command for information about current sources that  cronyd is accessing. With Nagios script I look for charcter »*« and that is indication for source witch is currently synchronised. But sometimes it happens that chronyd is in a state that no source is synchronised (see example below).


^x IPADDRESS1                1  10   377   384   -110us[  -93us] +/-  521us

^x IPADDRESS2                 1   9   377   336  +1067us[+1067us] +/-  710us

^- IPADDRESS3                 1  10   377   504   -264us[ -247us] +/-  709us]


I get »x« indicates a clock which chronyd thinks is a falseticker or »-«  not combined, and in this case I am not certain if server is in synch.


Can you please advice me how you know, without doubt, that server is synchronised with at least one source.


Thank you & kind regards,

Primoz Sfiligoj


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