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On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 08:57:49AM +0000, Primož Sfiligoj wrote:
> ^x IPADDRESS1                1  10   377   384   -110us[  -93us] +/-  521us
> ^x IPADDRESS2                 1   9   377   336  +1067us[+1067us] +/-  710us
> ^- IPADDRESS3                 1  10   377   504   -264us[ -247us] +/-  709us]
> I get >x< indicates a clock which chronyd thinks is a falseticker or >-<  not combined, and in this case I am not certain if server is in synch.

That's an interesting example. Is the third source specified with the
trust option?

> Can you please advice me how you know, without doubt, that server is synchronised with at least one source.

It depends on what exactly you mean by being synchronized with a
source. The characters in the source output indicate the selection
status, whether the source is currently used for synchronization of
the local clock. If it's not, it doesn't mean the local clock is no
longer synchronized. For synchronization status of the local clock
there is the tracking command.

Miroslav Lichvar

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