Re: [chrony-users] is there a retry after "no selectable sources"?

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On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 06:30:57PM -0600, Benjamin DeCamp wrote:
> Thanks for the pointers, Miroslav! It does seem like the PTP device is
> being removed re-created based on the symptoms so far.
> Here's a stack trace in case it gives any clues on how I could workaround
> this:

The strace looks ok to me. After the ~70s sleep the system clock is
wrong (it wasn't restored from an RTC - not sure why), but the PHC is
still working and giving correct time.

So from the chronyd's point of view there is a step in time. In your
configuration I think it should accept the new offset in a few
minutes at most. How long did you wait for chronyd to recover?

> 2019-08-12T23:37:26Z chronyd version 3.2 starting (+CMDMON +NTP +REFCLOCK

This chronyd wasn't compiled with the DEBUG feature, so the output is
limited. Could you please rebuild chrony using the --enable-debug
configure option and try it again?

Miroslav Lichvar

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