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On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 12:54:43AM +0100, cfanygapa wrote:
> Dear Group,
> I have 4 Chrony local servers which are peers to each other. All 4 are
> synced to separate sets of external NTP Stratum-1 servers. Then internal
> clients are using all 4 internal servers as their sources.
> The question is... is it worth to mark external Stratum-1 servers with
> "prefer" option?

Good question. I'm not sure if there is a definitive answer.

There could be a difference in accuracy of the internal clients. But I
think it could be either way. Generally, a closer server (in terms of
root distance) should be more accurate. But with more sources their
combined offsets could be more accurate. It also depends on how many
stratum-1 servers and your servers on the layer below are actually
combined (marked with the + character in chronyc sources output).

If you had a reference clock (e.g. GPS), you could try both and see
what works better.

You could also increase the stratumweight value to prefer sources with
lower stratum instead of the prefer option.

Miroslav Lichvar

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