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Dear Group,

I have 4 Chrony local servers which are peers to each other. All 4 are synced to separate sets of external NTP Stratum-1 servers. Then internal clients are using all 4 internal servers as their sources. The question is... is it worth to mark external Stratum-1 servers with "prefer" option? I am asking, because I have noticed that one of my 4 servers seems to obtain "visibly better quality" time, so as a result, other 3 peers start to synchronize to it (marking with *) instead of synchronizing to one of their many avaialable Stratum-1 in the web. It causes an expected but funny situation that one of my 4 servers is leading Stratum 2 and others treating it as source, become Stratum 3. So thought I'll mark all external Stratum-1 servers with "prefer" option which will not allow situation described above, until an emergency situation when all of external Statum-1s for particular server will be unreachable, then selecting the peer could happen. Do you think such configuration makes sense or better to leave Chrony to do its job as at the end it is all about "averaging" measurements and my idea won't change much anyway?

Thanks in advance

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