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On Thu, Jan 03, 2019 at 05:56:36PM -0800, Catherine Newman wrote:
> I have enabled chrony and disabled systemd-timesyncd.service. Using rtcfile
> works well when I reboot the RPI from the command line but when I do a hard
> powercycle (abruptly unplug it and then plug it back in) both the system
> time and the RTC time are funky (and not the same).

Are they completely different, or just off by a whole number of hours?
The former would indicate the kernel is not setting the system time
from the RTC. chronyd -s should take care of that.

> What directives can I play with / what chrony.conf might you recommend for
> me to take my timekeeping to the next level? and hopefully give me the
> robust timekeeping I so desire out in the field.

I think a recommended configuration would look something like this:

1) chronyd started with the -s option
2) rtcfile and driftfile specified in chrony.conf
3) rtcdevice specified in chrony.conf if /dev/rtc doesn't point to the
   right RTC
4) "chronyc writertc" called few minutes after chronyd is started and
   has synchronized the clock (e.g. using chronyc waitsync) and then
   called periodically using a cron job (e.g. few times per day) to
   keep the rtcfile up to date in case the power is lost

If that doesn't work well, it would help to see your config files,
chronyd messages in the system log, and the chronyd's tracking and rtc

Miroslav Lichvar

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