[chrony-users] Chrony.conf for RPI3 that loses power and doesn't have the internet

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Hello All,
Could I ask for some suggestions regarding which directives I should consider / what chrony.conf you might recommend for my scenario?

I have RPI3s with added external RTCs (Adafruit PiRTC - PCF8523). My system frequently loses power (beyond my control), does not have consistent access to the internet (sometimes but predictable), and is remote (is way out in the wilderness), so physical intervention is not convenient. The point of the RTC is be the holder of the time but I have not be able to harness it yet for this purpose.

I have enabled chrony and disabled systemd-timesyncd.service. Using rtcfile works well when I reboot the RPI from the command line but when I do a hard powercycle (abruptly unplug it and then plug it back in) both the system time and the RTC time are funky (and not the same). 

What directives can I play with / what chrony.conf might you recommend for me to take my timekeeping to the next level? and hopefully give me the robust timekeeping I so desire out in the field.

My Many Thanks,

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