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On Mon, 2 Jul 2018, Pedro Côrte-Real wrote:

On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 6:10 PM, Bill Unruh <unruh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
But the clock is not good and for some reason you switched on chonyd when it
was not good. Is it more important to slowly slew the clock or to get it on
time as quickly as possible.

Personally I'd prefer a third option of just failing loudly and make
me have to fix the system manually to give me a chance of
understanding the root cause.

What root cause? You start chronyd, either because you switched on the
computer, or because you did not have it running for a year.  If you had it
running shortly before you again switched on chronyd, it would have
freewheeled the time and been reasonably on time. (one second typically would
have taken it many days to accumulate. If the system clock was out by 50PPM, for example because the temp was very different inside between when chonyd determined the rate and the time when chronyd was not running, it would have taken more than 6 hours to accumulate a second.

So, it is really unclear to me what corner case you are worried about.

No, there is so so much junk pasted to the screen during installing that
request would get lost in the noise and the clock would stay way out.

I was thinking of one question that defaults to yes and has to be gone
through doing the install. But just doing it by default on install (or

And if it never gets answered, what is chronyd to do?

maybe even first boot) with no questions would also be fine.

But I realize this is mostly bikeshedding. I could use the current
default without much issue and it's easy enough to set something else
with puppet anyway.

Thanks for everyone's input.


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