[chrony-users] chrony-3.3-pre1 released

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The first prerelease for chrony-3.3 is now available.

The sources can be downloaded here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
6c5be04d8e71644fef5d43f38ae60881  chrony-3.3-pre1.tar.gz
207c5ec999d6ab359c298c9f57ee1a7ac0151b3a  chrony-3.3-pre1.tar.gz

Changes since version 3.2:

* Add burst option to server/pool directive
* Add stratum and tai options to refclock directive
* Add support for Nettle crypto library
* Add workaround for missing kernel receive timestamps on Linux
* Wait for late hardware transmit timestamps
* Improve source selection with unreachable sources
* Improve protection against replay attacks on symmetric mode
* Allow PHC refclock to use socket in /var/run/chrony
* Add shutdown command to stop chronyd
* Simplify format of response to manual list command
* Improve handling of unknown responses in chronyc

Bug fixes
* Respond to NTPv1 client requests with zero mode
* Fix -x option to not require CAP_SYS_TIME under non-root user
* Fix chronyc to not get stuck in infinite loop after clock step

Miroslav Lichvar

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