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> On Jan 04, 2018, at 06:37, Stephen Satchell <list@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes, I would mind.  I think they need a chance to whack the problem before I expose them.  (I used to write reviews for a number of the computer magazines; I'm following ethical SOP with regards to discovered problems.)  One reason I decline is that, in my decades working on networks, I've run across literally dozens of devices with embedded TCP/IP stacks that fared poorly when attached to a busy network.

I’ve done a bit of testing on smaller NTP appliances. Based on the limited description, I may or may not have tested the unit you have. I understand and agree with your position about disclosure. With the vendors I have been involved with, I have been quite careful to not discuss implementation or performance specifics of other vendors products with them. It is the only way that vendors feel safe in working with you.

> As for the particular NTP appliance, I called their technical support to discuss what I had encountered.  "We have another model with a more robust processor" -- for twice the money.  And no guarantee that the TCP/IP stack would fare any better.

Agree that this is a big unknown. Often, with a more powerful processor comes an embedded Linux and GPSD rather than a dedicated machine code implementation.


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