[chrony-users] Tip for people using cheap local GPS-based NTP appliance

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I got a fairly low-cost consumer-grade NTP appliance for Christmas. In connecting it to my network, I found that the fairly high amount of broadcast traffic I have was giving the poor appliance's TCP/IP stack fits, which was affecting clock quality.

I have an HP ProCurve ethernet switch in my network. I was able to use the capabilities of that switch ($35 at the local used-computer store) to isolate traffic for the appliance on a tag-based VLAN. By enabling a VLAN on my time servers, I'm able to isolate all traffic to the appliance to just NTP packets (and associated ARP), and the appliance now runs happy and accurately.

The improvement in time quality was using the "tracking" command, and including a couple of Stratum 1 servers in my configuration to check for false-ticking from the appliance.

For what it's worth...

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