[chrony-users] Configuring chrony on SAMBA4 AD server

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Our company uses a SAMBA4 server for Active Directory authentication for Windows 10 hosts. Unfortunately, we're struggling with time synchronization, the hosts are unable to synchronize the time properly.
We've found this page, and our guess is that we need to insert these  two lines into the /etc/chrony.conf:

ntpsigndsocket /usr/local/samba/var/lib/ntp_signd
restrict default mssntp

But the chrony service stopped working completely after that.

Our other question is that according to this site at the requirements topic, do we need ntpd enabled with signed ntp support? What is this exactly? Is this essential for us to make chrony working?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Varga
Varga Péter
junior system administrator
H-1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 56.
+36 1 815 5429

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