Re: [chrony-users] New system ntp daemon on macOS 10.13

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> On 26/07/2017, at 6:38 PM, Miroslav Lichvar <mlichvar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Interesting. Do you have a packet capture you could share?

I didn't think to keep a copy of the packet trace. From a cursory inspection it appeared to send an NTP packet to the server and get a response. That's all. The was some log activity as a result, reporting a bunch of data that didn't make much sense without the source code. 15 minutes later it did the same thing again.

> Replacing ntpd with a smaller implementation makes perfect sense to
> me, at least for the default case. IIRC there was a daemon
> (pacemaker?) that controlled ntpd. I think this was necessary for
> good power saving, but I think there were some reports that the
> timekeeping wasn't very good.

Pacemaker just didn't work at all. It would drift way off then stomp on the clock with settimeofday().

And I expect you are right about not using chrony because of the GPL. They claim timed has power saving features, probably based on what they did with ntpd.

Bryan Christianson

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