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Thanks Miroslav.
Comments below.

Il 08/08/2016 10:34, Miroslav Lichvar ha scritto:
On Sun, Aug 07, 2016 at 05:06:46AM +0200, Mauro Condarelli wrote:
Thanks Steve.
I know about "chronyc tracking", but that is human-readable info.
I need to parse it (in a shell script) to delay starting of my app until time has settled down.
Is it enough to wait for "Leap status" to go to "Normal"?
... or should I take into consideration other values?.
Depending on how chronyd is configured and what exactly you mean by
My current /etc/chrony .conf is:

logdir /var/log/chrony
log rtc statistics measurements tracking
logchange 1
driftfile /var/lib/chrony/drift
keyfile /etc/chrony.keys
makestep 1.0 3
maxupdateskew 100.0
dumpdir /var/lib/chrony
rtcfile /var/lib/chrony/rtc
bindcmdaddress /var/run/chrony/chronyd.sock

rtcdevice /dev/rtc0
"time has settled down", you might need to check also the "System
Problem is on target I have unreliable Internet connection.
This means i might not have connection at all at boot-time.
In this condition it's ok to rely on RTC alone.
What I need is to be sure chronyc did require initializations (e.g.: it did set system clock from RTC) even if not fully synchronized.
time" and "Skew" values.

The chronyc waitsync command can do all this for you.
How does that behave in case of disconnected target?

I also have a very strange and annoying behavior I need to debug, somehow:
It happens (rarely, about once in a few days) system time, as seen using either "date" or "time(null)", "jumps around" for a short while and then resets to normal.
I mean I have record of time going in the past (two days), then in the future  (> one month) then in the past again (>one week) and finally going back to "right" time.
I spotted this because my target (embedded ARM) has a display that, when idle, just displays system time&date (fetched using "time(null)"), I casually spotted the bogus time and confirmed this was not a problem with my application by connecting to console and issuing several "date" commands.

Real question is:
How do I debug such situation?
Should I see something on log? (I didn't spot anything suspicious)
How can I tell chrony to log any correction done to sysclock?


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