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Attached strace log and config file that I am using.
Chrony version I tried: 2.2.1

I am feeding data on /var/run/chrony.ttyS1.sock and /var/run/chrony.ttyS2.sock
Data on /var/run/chrony.ttyS1.sock chrony gives error:
write(2, "Could not read SOCK sample : Soc"..., 60Could not read SOCK sample : Socket operation on non-socket

While data on /var/run/chrony.ttyS2.sock is successfully received by chronyd.


Also, I would like to know how can the minimum sampling limit be set for chronyd?
I am using makestep as below with the assumption that system is set to epoch.
makestep 1000 -1

Still the number of samples being analyzed are many. How to reduce this?

Thanks and Regards,
Bhushan J.

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On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 10:06:40AM +0000, Jahagirdar, Bhushan wrote:
> Hi Miroslav,
> I tried using below SOCK configuration in chrony.conf file in order to feed multiple time source data to chronyd.
> refclock SOCK /var/run/chrony.ttyS1.sock refclock SOCK 
> /var/run/chrony.ttyS2.sock
> With this the first socket becomes invalid and second remains as valid socket.
> As per your mail below this is supposed to work.
> So I am getting the error:
> 2015-10-14T13:03:56Z Could not read SOCK sample : Socket operation on 
> non-socket
> chronyd version I am using is 2.2

I just tried configuration with two SOCK refclocks and it seems to be working. Could you try running chronyd in strace, wait for this error, and send me the output?

Miroslav Lichvar

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