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Deven Hickingbotham schreef op 2016-04-11 22:10:
Yes, but I didn't expect that it would affect chrony.  The update rate
was increased from 1 per second to 10 time per second (since this didn't affect the PPS signal, I didn't expect it to impact chrony).

Changing the update rate back to 1 per second corrected the issue, but I
need an update rate of at least 5 per second (preferably 10).
Is the GPS connected with a serial link? What baudrate? Default for NMEA is 4800 bps AFAIK, but if I'm reading Adafruit's website correctly your Adafruit Ultimate GPS uses 9600 bps by default. Even that may not be enough for 10 position updates per second. Maybe the GPS simply has trouble sending all data in the available time.

Can you try increasing the baudrate of the serial connection? See


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