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On 4/10/2016 11:30 PM, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
Hm, did the configuration of the GPS change? Maybe it's giving fewer
NMEA sentences than before? It looks like the NMEA samples are now
~400 ms off from the expected offset and PPS can't lock to them.
You could try changing the SHM offset to 0.1 and maybe increase the
delay to 0.6 or so, but I'm not sure if that will be enough if the
NMEA offset is changing so much over time.

Yes, but I didn't expect that it would affect chrony.  The update rate
was increased from 1 per second to 10 time per second (since this didn't affect the PPS signal, I didn't expect it to impact chrony).

Changing the update rate back to 1 per second corrected the issue, but I
need an update rate of at least 5 per second (preferably 10).

Would it be correct to assume that different update rates require
different chrony offsets and delays?  And if so, what values should I try?



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