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On Tue, 12 Jan 2016, Hector Oron wrote:


 As I read on an old post here:

 The recommended way to be able to force a sync is to generate a
burst and wait 10 sec for measurements to complete, then do the
stepping on the clock.

This is a sync of your computer's clock to the remote clock. If chrony is
running then that will occur continuously and transparently and without any

 My requirements need to sync time only at shutdown, but time cannot
change during machine activity, if I do the burst, sleep, makestep at
shutdown it works, but I would prefer to not have to wait.

I really do not know what this means. Obviously you want your clock on your
computer to keep running while you are using it. You do not want the system
time stuck on midnight all of the time. That would certainly break everything. But if you run chrony while the system is running, your clock will not only
run continuously, but will also not step. Its rate will simply be increased or
decreased until your clock keeps step with the external clock. So you will
need to be more specific with what you really want.

 What I am planning to do is to have a systemd unit file that
triggers the burst at machine startup, then does the makestep at
shutdown, that way I believe clock should only step at shutdown

What? why would you do that? It is very unclear what problem you are trying to
solve, but this does not seem to be the solution to any problem I can think
of. Chrony is NOT like ntpdate. It does not steop the clock each time it runs.

correctly without modifying time during machine activity.

 I would like to know if that's best recommended way to do that or if
there are other alternatives I could use.

See above.

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