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On Sun, 22 Nov 2015, Peter Humphrey wrote:


I've been running chrony for many years with ne'er a problem, but now I have

My two main machines are an i5 workstation and an Atom mini-server, both
running Gentoo stable. This week chrony was updated from 2.1.1 to 2.2, and
now it won't start on the Atom though it seems fine on the i5.

You probably need to tell us what the problem is with chrony. It is probably
dumping messages into the logs (are you using systemd or (r)syslog )
Is there anything in /var/log/chrony? Does your chrony config tell chrony to
put stuff into there?
I am not sure I would first look at the kernel for problems with chrony.

Some things have changed in 2.2 in the handling of the rtc at bootup.

I suspect that my kernel config may be set up wrongly but after several
hours of poring over it I can't see what might be wrong.

Has something changed in chrony's kernel config requirements? I've attached
my config file in case it helps. Meanwhile, ...

$ grep RTC /usr/src/linux/.config | grep -v '^#'

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