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On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 04:31:59PM -0400, Weary1 wrote:
> Upon re-booting either system, chrony remains "offline", with no hosts
> listed in response to a "chronyc sources -v" command.  This is despite the
> fact that both systems are on a full-time (DSL) internet connection.  I
> strongly suspect that this is due to some sort of race condition, where the
> chronyd daemon is being started before the host has fully established a
> working network connection (which is done via DHCP to the LAN's
> router/firewall).

Is there a DNS server listed in /etc/resolv.conf before the network is
configured? Older chrony versions (before 1.26) gave up too quickly if
the name in chrony.conf couldn't be resolved.

One workaround is to specify the servers with IP addresses instead of

For the other system using 1.29, I'm not sure what could be the
problem. In the "chronyc activity" output, is the number of sources
with unknown address zero?

With recent versions, it should always work, even if it's started
before the network is up and servers are specified by names. It's not
necessary to use the offline option and switch it later to online via
chronyc. The recommended configuration for most systems is:

server iburst
server iburst
server iburst
server iburst
driftfile /var/lib/chrony/drift
makestep 10 3

> I would think that, ideally, the self-correction rate would be (at least
> loosely) a function of the current error magnitude.  For errors of only a
> few minutes or so, such very slow correction rates are not much of a
> practical problem, because the clock will still be brought back to "correct"
> fairly soon.  But when there is a several-hour discrepancy, then a bigger
> hammer is needed.  FWIW, and all that.

The bigger hammer is the chronyc makestep command or the makestep
directive in chrony.conf to step the clock automatically.

Miroslav Lichvar

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