Re: [chrony-users] New with 1.30: stuck after resume from suspend

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On 07/03/14 16:33, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> So it seems it selected the source pretty quickly after the jump was 
> detected. So the problem is that it took too long to detect it? Do
> you know at what time you issued the sources command?

I have a "chronytop" "realtime monitor" (using the term loosely here ;), with "watch" issuing various statistics calls every two seconds. I started it immediately after waking up and observed, mostly to see how quickly chrony would start polling again.

> There is a difference in how are the scheduled timers corrected when 
> chronyd reaches a timeout (select() returning 0) and when an
> external request (e.g. chronyc command) wakes it up.
> When it doesn't timeout, all scheduled timers are moved by the 
> interval between last select() call and the current time. This means 
> if a chronyc command is issued before chronyd timeouts, the actual 
> time it takes to send first request after suspend could be up to 
> 2*maxpoll.

Oh! That might explain why I didn't observe it sooner and kicked it.

Anyway, I'll just give it a few tries again over the next few days without post-wakeup nudge, since the expected behaviour should eventually happen (and apparently eventually does). So that's good.

> Running chronyc offline before suspend and chronyc online after
> resume should work too. That's what happens with the NetworkManager
> dispatcher script in Fedora.

That's a good idea! I might try that.


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