Re: [chrony-users] New with 1.30: stuck after resume from suspend

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On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 03:18:57PM +0200, Holger Hoffstätte wrote:
> Indeed - from this morning's wakeup, after sleeping overnight:
> Jul  3 09:18:39 hho chronyd[28177]: Forward time jump detected!
> Jul  3 09:18:39 hho chronyd[28177]: Can't synchronise: no reachable sources
> Jul  3 09:19:19 hho chronyd[28177]: Selected source

So it seems it selected the source pretty quickly after the jump was
detected. So the problem is that it took too long to detect it? Do you
know at what time you issued the sources command?

> I don't remember how long I waited for it to restart polling before kicking it, but I'm sure it was >> 2*minpoll.

There is a difference in how are the scheduled timers corrected when
chronyd reaches a timeout (select() returning 0) and when an external
request (e.g. chronyc command) wakes it up.

When it doesn't timeout, all scheduled timers are moved by the
interval between last select() call and the current time. This means
if a chronyc command is issued before chronyd timeouts, the actual
time it takes to send first request after suspend could be up to

I think this could be improved by resetting the NTP tx timeouts when a
time jump is detected, but the detection itself would still take up to
one maxpoll.

> Other than this it's working fine, so no drama. For now I can add a post-wakeup script to kick it into gear with a few bursts. If you have any ideas I can gladly try patches/build from git if that would help.

Running chronyc offline before suspend and chronyc online after resume
should work too. That's what happens with the NetworkManager dispatcher
script in Fedora.

I'm wondering if there should be new suspend and resume commands
added to chronyc for this case.

Miroslav Lichvar

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