[chrony-users] New with 1.30: stuck after resume from suspend

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I did not notice this with the 1.30-prerelease, so obviously this bug report comes right after release. Sorry. :)

After updating to 1.30-final on my laptop (kernel 3.14.10, Gentoo  userland) everything still seems to work fine. However after waking up from suspend-to-RAM over night, it seems chrony is "stuck": it's still running and accessible to requests (e.g. to list sources), but no  longer performs any update polls. The "LastRx" counter shows a "10y" interval, and waiting ~maxpoll doesn't seem to help. 10 years does seem a bit long. ;)

Giving such a stuck chrony a nudge via "chronyc burst" gets things going again.

The previous 1.29.1 release never had this problem and properly recovered itself after wakeup, initially downscaling the poll interval and subsequently ramping up again.

Any ideas?


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